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Are raw honey and organic honey the same?

on August 01, 2020

Are raw honey and organic honey the same?

If you are looking to buy some honey, you may be confused with the many different varieties of honey.

There are not just clear and set varieties, but instead, there are myriad different brands, flavours and types of honey that can make it quite overwhelming if you have never bought any before.

There are lots of different health benefits to be gained from eating honey, and so it is definitely something that you should consider implementing into your diet if it is not part of it already.

But which type should you go for?

Two of the most common types of honey that you will find at farmers markets and in online stores are raw honey and organic honey.

They are often confused with each other, and this is because the differences between the two are not well known.

Both taste great and offer great health benefits, but there are some key differences to know that set them apart from regular honey.

What makes organic honey organic first of all is the types of flowers that the bees pollinate.

That is flowers that have not been chemically or otherwise treated.

This can be difficult to determine as it is hard to find out what flowers the bees pollinate, and thus organic honey tends only to come from beehives that are kept far away from pollutants and industries.

Raw honey is honey that is not processed after it has been extracted from the hive. Honey can be pasteurised, filtered or otherwise treated after it has been extracted from the hive in order to make it smoother, clearer and to give it longer shelf life.

This makes it appealing to customers and to supermarkets that want to stock it. Thus, organic honey can be processed, which means it is not raw honey.

Likewise, raw honey can come from bees that have only touched organic flowers, but it cannot be processed afterwards.

This means that organic honey can also be raw honey, but the key difference is that organic honey can be treated after extraction, whereas raw honey cannot.

Both are often termed pure honey, but their proper terms are organic and raw.

This distinction is key, as raw honey often contains some of the bee pollen, along with several antioxidants and micro-fauna that pasteurised honey does not.

This is because pasteurised honey is heated to above 95 degrees, which kills the yeast in the honey and thus gives it longer shelf life.

Both types of honey are delicious, and they can be found in many different varieties that make either one a great choice for those that are looking for something new to add to their tea or drizzle over their cereal.

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