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Health Benefits of Raw Honey

by stefano longo on November 13, 2019

My love affair with raw honey started about 5 years ago when a friend of mine set up her own hive. I have always enjoyed the taste of honey, but other than putting it on toast or in tea, I hadn’t explored other uses.

health benefits of raw honey

On being gifted a pot of raw honey from my friend’s first harvest, I soon began to use it for all sorts of things.

Soon after receiving my first jar, my young daughter had a bout of styes, we tried everything but they kept returning. In the end, I researched home remedies and found honey a top result. Rather warily, I placed some warmed raw honey on my daughter’s eyelid, she blinked it into her eye and two hours later all styes were gone! Now, anytime anyone in our house gets an eye infection, out comes the
honey and away goes the problem.

We also use honey for sore throats, but rather than put it in tea or with lemon, we just slowly lick a spoonful of raw honey. The soothing qualities are instant and effective.

Raw honey for me is now my first go-to with many problems:

  • Spots: a dab of honey before bed.
  • Warts: a dab of honey and cover with a plaster.
  • Eczema: warmed honey placed on before a bath or shower relieve itching.
  • Sores and cuts: dab raw honey on to help heal.
  • Foot issues: a dab of raw honey fights fungal infections.

Raw honey is amazing:

  • it is natural,
  • contains many antioxidants,
  • is an anti-inflammatory,
  • is antibacterial,
  • is anti-fungal
  • is a potent prebiotic.
  • it also tastes amazing.

Go and try it for yourself, keep one jar in your cupboard for pleasure and another in your bathroom for purpose.

About the Author:

Kirstie Michelle is a parent, childminder and all-round child enthusiast from Surrey.

Kirstie enjoys making home remedies and has her own blog containing her musings on parenting children to become resilient, healthy and independent adults. Find her at raisingadultsdaily.wordpress.com