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Is organic honey pasteurised?

on August 01, 2020

 is organic honey pasteurised?


If you are looking to buy some nice honey, whether that be online or from farmers markets, you may be mesmerized by the many different varieties that are on offer. It can be very confusing to someone who doesn’t know the differences between the different products for sale, and with so many different labels on the jars and bottles it can be overwhelming.

There are flavoured kinds of honey, set and clear varieties, and there are various other types of honey including organic and raw honey as well. Sometimes you will see these labelled as processed honey, or natural and pure honey too.

But there are some key differences between each of these types that will influence your decision when it comes to choosing which one to buy. Regardless of which one you go for, you can be sure to make the most of the many health benefits that honey has to offer.

This makes it a very attractive product that is usually not too expensive, but if you are looking to buy organic honey in particular you may be wondering if it is pasteurised.

Pasteurization is the process through which honey is heated to a high temperature.

This destroys the yeast within the honey, which helps to make it last longer, ideal for supermarkets.

It also removes air bubbles and some other impurities as well, which helps to make sure that the honey looks very clear and appealing to customers.

Pasteurisation is used in many different food processes to help remove toxins that could be harmful to those who consume it, and one of the most famous is milk.

However, not all honey is pasteurised.

Organic honey is normally pasteurised, but not always.

The terms raw and organic honey are applied very vaguely a lot of the time, and it is not always clear what the difference is.

Raw honey is honey that has not been treated after it has been extracted out of the hive.

This is why it is deemed to be raw, as it has had nothing added to it or taken away from it.

Organic honey, on the other hand, gets its name due to the flowers that the bees pollinate to make the honey.

These flowers need to not have been adulterated with any chemicals or pesticides, and so it is quite hard in most cases to determine whether or not organic honey really is organic.

What happens after the honey is taken out of the hive is what determines whether it is just organic honey or if it is in fact, raw honey.

You will find organic honey that is also raw honey, but in most cases, it will be treated after it is recovered from the hive through pasteurisation. If you are ever in doubt, always check the label.

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