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Organic creamed honey set

    Organic Honey Gift Set: 3 x 400g honey selection in Jute gift bag

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    Organic Creamed Honey Gift Set (3 x 400g honey selection in Jute gift bag) Please, leave a note at the checkout for your preferred jute bag colour! The ultimate honey...

    Product Description

    Organic Creamed Honey Gift Set (3 x 400g honey selection in Jute gift bag)

    Please, leave a note at the checkout for your preferred jute bag colour!

    The ultimate honey selection for Organic honey lovers.

    If you think that our Organic Honey Gift Set with 1 jar or Gourmet Organic Honey Gift Set with 2 jars wouldn't satisfy your beloved one's sweet tooth, then our Honey gift set with 3 x 400g creamed Organic honey in a jute gift bag will make the perfect present for their Birthday, Christmas - or any other special day!

    There is no other natural product that captures the essence of flowers in such a sweet, delicious way. Honey is a gift from hard-working bees and is a fantastic natural remedy, together with a precious ally in baking, grilling, sweetening, moisturizing or healing.

    You can choose for your Honey gift set any of our Organic creamed honeys with herbs and spices.

    Our honeys are truly unique, delicious and healthy honeys as nature intended. Anyone would be pleased to receive these flavoured Organic honeys with:

    Honey is a symbol of sweetness and prosperity. On the spiritual side, it also means immortality and rebirth.

    Honey gift set idea:

    Bag this unique Honey gift set with some of your favourite oatmeal, including dried fruit and nuts, if you like, too. Indeed, a drizzle of honey on warm oatmeal is the sweetest way to start your day!

    About our Hungarian Organic Creamed Honey

    Organic honey has been around for centuries and it is what bees produce directly in the beehive. Honey Heaven's Organic creamed honey is crystallized honey that's spun until it's creamy, smooth, spreadable, and absolutely delicious. From a nutritional point of view, creamed honey indicates a healthier product. This is especially true if flavoured with herbs or spices. If your product has crystalised too much, then simply place your jar into a bowl of warm water to soften its form again.

    Honey Heaven's Organic creamed honeys are all the way from the best Hungarian countryside. All our honeys are ethically sourced from organic farming from the healthiest bees in Hungary. The bees have not been fed with antibiotics or sugar. The beehive resides in Northern Hungary. This is the cleanest countryside, where is no pollution, just forest as long as the eye can see. Also, NO GMO and NO PESTICIDES. When you try our honeys, you will be amazed at the purity and flavour of a premium product.

    This gift really does make a mouth-watering, more-ish present for a loved one.

    Did you know that honey also contains plenty of health benefits too?

    Honey has been used for a century as alternative medicine and treatment. It has many medicinal benefits and uses, as well as being a healthier alternative to sugar.

    For those struggling with a cough, cold or sore throat, honey is often used as an effective cough suppressant. It is also incredibly soothing for sore throats. Honey can also be applied topically to treat burns and other skin wounds.

    As if that wasn’t impressive enough, honey also has huge antioxidant and antibacterial properties that help to support and protect your body against diseases and illnesses. Honey is also thought to aid a better night’s sleep and boost your brain function by improving memory.

    All of our honeys have added health benefits too when combined with spices and herbs.

    All of the herbs and spices we have paired with our honeys have been carefully selected and chosen for good reasons. All of them, from our cinnamon and honey, to our ginger and honey jars, have added health benefits from the ingredient chosen.

    The health benefits of cinnamon

    Cinnamon is a healthy and popular used spice that is used for cooking, baking and as a health supplement. This spice has many medicinal benefits, such as helping to reduce inflammation. A few studies have shown that cinnamon may help to slow the progression of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

    The benefits of ginger

    Ginger has powerful medicinal properties that can are perfect for those seeking out home remedies. It can aid digestion, help to fight colds and flu and also helps to reduce nausea, especially in pregnant women and those going for chemotherapy.

    Ginger has antioxidant properties, as well as anti-inflammatory properties, help to protect your body against free radical cells, which can damage your body and cause illnesses and diseases.

    The benefits of propolis

    Propolis can assist with gastrointestinal disorders and help with allergies. It can also help with gynaecological and oral health too.

    As you can see, all of our ingredients have been carefully selected. Not only are our honey products packed full of health benefits, but they are incredibly smooth and tasty too. Gift your loved one with health, happiness and deliciousness.

    Origin: Product of Hungary


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