Amor Traditional Honey Wine Mead
Amor Traditional Honey Wine Mead
Amor Traditional Honey Wine Mead
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Amor Traditional Honey Mead Wine 500ml Great Taste Award Winner

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Amor Traditional Honey Mead 500ml

Amor Traditional Honey Mead made from 100% Pure, Organic Hungarian honey based on the traditional recipe. It is created by fermenting honey. Premium quality ingredients guarantee our Honey-Wine unique taste! Made from the plant called Amorpha fruticosa. This flower honey has one of the most delicious flavours you ever experienced!

Winner of the "Great Taste 2019" Awards with an Outstanding vote:

"A beautiful colour on this well filtered, crystal clear mead."

"The flavours are fresh, bright and complex."

"Nice to see Mead in the GTA."

Vol: 12,5%

Origin: Product of Hungary


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