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organic lavender honey
Organic Night-time Tea (50g)
Organic Night-time Tea (50g)
Organic Night-time Tea (50g)
Organic Night-time Tea (50g)
Natural Organic Lavender Honey (250g)
Natural Organic Lavender Honey (250g)

    Sweet Dreams Set contains Night Time Herbal Tea & Organic Lavender Honey

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    Sweet Dreams Set Combination of Night Time Herbal Tea and Great Taste award winner Lavender Honey that has been created as our superstar of night time indulgences. Organic Night Time Tea...

    Product Description

    Sweet Dreams Set

    Combination of Night Time Herbal Tea and Great Taste award winner Lavender Honey that has been created as our superstar of night time indulgences.

    Organic Night Time Tea (50g)

    We’ve taken the finest natural ingredients to produce this naturally caffeine free, organic Night Time Tea designed to be used after a stressful day.

    All our herbal teas are made with passion, using the finest natural ingredients with no artificial flavourings, colourings, or preservatives, and come in aroma-sealing packaging that keeps the tea fresh for months.

    Why drink our Organic Night Time Tea?

    We firmly believe that by drinking this caffeine free and ethically produced tea blend you could help you to overcome the day and ease yourself into relaxing evening ready for a fresh morning.  And the magic ingredients? Hawthorn, hop, chamomile and lavender.


    Hawthorn berries are tiny fruits that grow on trees and shrubs belonging to the Crataegus genus. Their berries have a tart, tangy taste, and mild sweetness, ranging in colour from yellow to deep red to black.


    Hops are the female flowers from the hop plant, Humulus lupulus. They’re most commonly used in brewing, but hops have a long history in herbal medicine, dating back to at least the 9th century in Europe.


    This herb comes from the daisy-like flowers of the Asteraceae plant family and has been consumed for centuries.


    Lavender is widely used as an aromatherapy agent and supplement.


    Pour 250 ml of hot water over 1-2 teaspoon of our Organic Night Time Tea.  Leave to brew for 10 minutes, strain and your tea is ready.  Flavour to your liking and enjoy.

    One jar contains 40-45 cups of tea.

    We recommend drinking one cup during the day and one in the evening before going to bed (do not drink more than three cups a day).

    Use for a maximum of three months, then take a break of 2-3 weeks to ensure continued efficacy.


    • Not to be drunk by children under 14 years of age, or pregnant or breastfeeding women.
    • Drivers and workers handling machinery should not consume this tea before or during working hours.
    • If you are on any medication, talk to you doctor before taking our Night Time Tea.

    Natural Organic Lavender Honey (250g)

    Real Lavender blossom

    Unlike other products on the market that use plain honey and infuse it with essential oil, our Organic Lavender Honey is made by bees collecting nectar from real lavender blossoms.

    Our premium Honey is 100% pure, organic and natural made in the stunning lavender fields of Hungary.

    Recognised as an area of natural beauty, the Hungarian countryside is unspoilt by pollution and pesticides with stunning landscapes, crisscrossed by sparkling springs and gurgling rivers, dark, untamed forests and lush wild-flower and lavender meadows, all alive with the buzz of bees.

    Our certified organic Lavender Honey is extracted from hives owned by small artisan beekeepers, who use traditional, sustainable methods, working in complete harmony with nature.

    Great Taste Award Winner

    This elegant, pale yellow honey is exquisitely light and has a warm and soothing taste of creamy florals coupled with a sweet, mild and delicate lavender flavour that is simply stunning. This pleasant herb flower honey is loved for its beautiful warmth and delicious palate and so impressed judges at the 2019 Great Taste Awards that they gave it two stars saying:

    "The taste is amazingly lavendery with a very pleasant level of sweetness and brightness."
    "If you were buying lavender honey, this would be an excellent choice."

    We completely agree!

    Our Organic Lavender Honey makes a roast lamb sensational

    Lavender Honey pairs beautifully with goat’s cheese and yoghurt but glaze a joint of lamb with this honey and you’re in for a sensational roast. The natural sweetness and floral scent of this honey also go well in cakes and desserts. We have a uniquely special use for our Lavender Honey too, as the secret (or not so secret!) ingredient in our Lavender Mead!

    We always suggest that customers carry out their own research, but here are some useful links where you can read more about honey:

    About herbal teas:


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