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Beware of the fraudster honey!

on March 30, 2023

Over the last two weeks, like yourself, we have been reading many articles about the UK honey issue. Ten UK honey brands have been found to be diluting their honey with sugar syrup and still marketing the product as honey.

The European Commission supported a Europe-wide study and randomly selected honey brands imported into EU countries for sale for testing. The main aim of these tests was to review the purity of the product.

Out of the random selection, ten UK brands were found to be diluting their product with sugar syrup, and this goes against the EU Honey Directive that demands honey should have nothing added to it, including any other food ingredients or additives. The directive also states, 'nor shall any other additions be made other than honey'.

The study found that overall 46% of honey products tested across the EU had sugar added (source

When asked for comment, the European Commission stated the issue is 'likely the result of honey produced in other countries and further blended in the UK.'

As a Honey Heaven customer, you can be assured that when you buy honey from us, you purchase pure organic honey and high-quality honey that is never reblended with any sugar syrup or food additives.


Jar of honey surrounded with yellow flowers with a honey spoon drizzling the honey

Our honey is premium, high-quality, GMO-free and natural. It is unprocessed, unheated, and unpasteurised. This quality of honey is pure honey.

Our honey is Hungarian. These honeys are well known all over the world for their outstanding quality.

With our honey products, you can choose pure organic honey with nothing at all added or single flower or gourmet creamed natural honey with herbs and spices to make it a taste sensation!

Try our Organic Amor Honey made from a 100% Pure Single Flower Natural Hungarian Amorpha Honey. A rare type of honey derived from the nectar of the amorpha fruticosa shrub, otherwise called the false indigo bush, grown in the Hungarian Pannonian Basin.

Photo of the top of a jar of honey surrounded by purple flowers with green leaves with a honey spoon

Or try our Organic Natural Hungarian Acacia Honey. Feel at harmony with nature with this Hungarian Acacia Honey. Acacia honey is popular all over the world. Its uniqueness lies in the bright colour, acacia flowers' harmonic fragrance, and soft, perfect aroma. Because of the high natural fructose content, the acacia raw honey crystallises very slowly. The mild flavour, with its subtle vanilla notes, makes it a popular sweetener used in drinks and desserts. This single-flower honey is produced in a sustainable manner.