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                Our honey is unprocessed, unheated, unpasteurised. This quality of honey is sometimes called ‘raw honey’, but we call it ‘pure honey’.


                Hungarian honeys are well known all over the world with their outstanding quality. All our honeys are GMO free.

                We offer either pure organic honey with nothing at all added or single flower and gourmet creamed natural honeys with herbs and spices to make it exclusive tasting top quality products !

                Are you searching for the perfect food you can add to your table morning, noon and night? Are you considering the benefits honey can bring to you? For many centuries, raw honey has been a continued source of nourishment across the world. We believe that our pure organic honey and natural organic honeys with herbs and spices added, which are all made in Hungary, are THE best honeys you can buy.

                Buy Raw Honey (32)

                Organic Acacia Honey with Honeycomb

                £18.00 GBP

                Organic Soft Set Honey

                £12.00 GBP

                Organic Honey with Bee Pollen, Propolis and Royal Jelly

                £18.00 GBP

                Organic Honey and Ginger

                £12.00 GBP

                Organic Honey with Cardamom

                £12.00 GBP

                Organic Functional Mushrooms in Honey

                £22.00 GBP

                Ceylon Cinnamon and Organic Honey

                £12.00 GBP

                Organic Honey with Egyptian Black Seed

                £15.00 GBP

                Organic mini Honey gift set of 3 with wooden serving spoon 40g jars

                £14.00 GBP

                Why Choose Natural Organic and Pure Organic Honey UK?

                To be labelled pure organic honey means nothing at all has been added. No sweeteners, oils or flavours.

                To be labelled as organic, honey must be free from chemicals and antibiotics, and be independently certified to come from a beehive that is 5 to 8 miles away from the nearest artificial chemical source, i.e. roads, factories, houses, etc. Read more about Can honey be organic in our blog.

                Note that if a honey states that it is ‘pure honey’, it does not necessarily mean it is organic. Pure honey may come from bees fed sugar solution and it may be pasteurised, filtered and contain chemicals and antibiotics. 

                There are many brands of honey on the market so you need to make sure that the honey you buy is pure organic honey or natural organic honey:

                • Certified 100% pure and organic
                • Certified 100% natural and organic if herbs and/or spices have been added
                • No additives or preservatives added
                • Honey extracted from healthy bees
                • Can be consumed raw – requires no processing
                • Best value for money

                It is illegal for a honey producer to sell or market a honey, raw honey or any other honey, as organic if it has not been certified by a government approved organic control body. If a honey labelled as ‘organic’ does not have the code of the certifier, e.g. GB-ORG-06, DE-OKO-001 etc. on the label, then beware - it is not organic!

                Choose Honey Heaven's Natural Organic Honey and Pure Organic Honey. Place an order today to buy raw honey. 

                We always suggest that customers carry out their own research, but here are some useful links where you can read more about honey:


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