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Can you eat the wax on honeycomb?

on November 13, 2020

can you eat the wax on honeycomb

Honeycomb is a wonderful product created by the very special honey bee.

The comb is made up from bee's wax, a substance created by worker bee's in the hive.  This happens when the temperature is just right and the bee's secrete wax scales from special glands in their body. They then chew this wax with a small amount of collected pollen and honey to produce the beeswax.

Honeycomb is a natural product, just like the liquid honey we all know and love. We are honey lovers, that is why our heaven is named after it.  We love sharing information about it and sharing the health benefits of the many products made from raw honey.

Honeycomb, just like the liquid honey you know and buy, can be eaten - it is 100% edible and the natural sweetness of it is out of this world!

In its rawest form, unlike most general honeys, honeycomb has not been processed which means you get to enjoy all the amazing health benefits and natural goodness.

Honey in our eyes should be enjoyed in its rawest form, keeping it at it’s very best after all those honey bees have worked so hard to give us something so beautiful. It should not be ruined with heavy processing. 

Just because your local food store or shop has honey on the shelves, it does not mean what you're being offered is the very best.  That is why here at Honey Heaven we want to share the best products with you so you only have the best quality - you deserve it!

Honeycomb is so delicious we encourage eating it in moderation! There are so many incredible ways you can enjoy it...

Spread honeycomb over warm crumpets just out of the toaster or use in your favourite sultana scone, this makes a lovely afternoon treat with your favourite comforting hot beverage.
Or chop honeycomb into chunks and add to your breakfast granola or on top of a lovely sharp Greek yoghurt, this is a lovely way to start your day even in lockdown.
As a lovely treat to look forward to, you can chew a chunk like your favourite sweetie, but trust us this will taste better and will give you natural energy.
It can also be used in cooking, added to sauces or marinades, to give your chosen meal a lovely sweetness and extra depth of taste.

Honeycomb is versatile, it's readily available and the fact it is edible makes us very lucky people.

Try it today and remember if you need any advice or have any questions about honeycomb or honey products, we are here.

Feel free to share how you enjoy honeycomb in your favourite recipe - we would love to hear the way you enjoy this marvellous creation bee's have given us!


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