CBD Oil and your Immune system

on October 19, 2020
CBD Oil and your Immune system

CBD Oil and your Immune system

Immunity or immune system are words used now more than ever, in the current global pandemic, let's be honest we are all looking for ways to stay fit & healthy.

The world is in turmoil and we know there is so much worry but there are things you can do to keep yourself safe and now more than ever you must take your personal health as great importance.

Immune health is keeping your immune system strong, by keeping this strong, you will stay healthier and combat any possible illness with better strength, we will never say there is a product that will 100% keep you strong and free from illness but we will say there are things you can do and try to help yourself, trying is better than nothing.

Here at Honey Heaven, we pride ourselves on top quality products, knowledge and expertise and this is why we can happily suggest you try our amazing CBD oil products to help build your immune system, we believe in our products and we strongly recommend you try them today to see how amazing they are and what they can do for your health.

CBD oil has always been slightly controversial.

And let's be honest it was always going to be as it has a connection to cannabinoids but the products we offer are safe and are the good elements of something natural.

Anything new or different will always gain press, some good and some bad but it is up to ourselves as humans to make the choice and place our own judgment and we can proudly say every product we produce and market are of the best quality and we do this to enable everyone to gain such positivity from them, we want everyone to know how incredible CBD products are and that you can benefit massively from them in many ways.

All we ask do not prejudge, try first and trust us we know you will never look back.

In our everyday life, where ever we go, whatever we do, we are sadly exposed to an endless stream of diseases, viruses and bacteria, this is sadly part of life and even though we cannot control everything, we can certainly do our best to keep healthy.

The word virus is imprinted into our brains right now, COVID-19 is on every news channel, printed in every paper and taking over our newsfeed on social media, and rightly so as it is a serious world pandemic, so we know people are scared, confused and worried but together we must do our bit, keep strong and support each other.

Life will be different for some time.

There is no avoiding that but every one of you must take this time to be fighting fit, build your immune systems up and protect each other.

The immune system is a network of cells, organs and tissues, these amazing things work hard, work together and fight against foreign cells or unknown particles, this incredible system and combination of hard work is what keeps you healthy and strong, without a strong system they will become weak and powerless against things that can have awful effects.

The key component, the ring leader if you will, is the White blood cells, this powerful cell comes in two types lymphocytes and phagocytes, commonly and easier to remember as B-Cells and T-Cells, these warriors destroy antigens that are toxic and harmful and even more incredible is they remember those foreign substances, so next time there is invasion they can fight back quickly, which prevents further damage or things getting out of hand.

Here at Honey Heaven, we know CBD oil inside and out and we constantly immerse ourselves into studies and the world behind it all, studies have found that CBD can influence your immune system in a positive manner, enabling you to become stronger and remain healthier, studies have also found that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties.

So we here you now muttering, what does this actually mean!??

Ok so we will make things a little more clearer and not like we are talking in riddles: The anti-inflammatory properties CBD has means it can reduce your immune systems response to any inflammation, this is imperative to immune health as it isolates a potential infection and closes its path to further spreading.

CBD can also help combat against cell death, this is very important as you want as many healthy cells as possible to fight against disease or illness plus it helps regulate cells to go towards where infected cells lay. so where they are most needed.

CBD also is known as an immunomodulator.

This simply means it helps keeps your immune system alert and ready to kick back where needed let's face it being on the alert is important as you do not want to let you guard down and let any nasties in, by keeping this important system in check, CBD can help overreact and underreact, ie allowing your immune system to function efficiently.

We could honestly talk all day about how amazing our products are but the simple message is today, CBD can have a positive effect on your immunity and help keep you strong, you may not see or feel the benefits but we can assure you your body and mind will experience the positivity and you will soon realise how much better you feel and healthier you have been.

Over the next few weeks, we will come back with more benefits of CBD and remember any questions then please get in touch with Honey Heaven team, we are here to help, advise and guide.

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