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CBD and stress

on October 19, 2020
CBD and stress

CBD and stress

Stress, anxiety, OCD and any form of mental health is more common then people like to admit, many people, if not everyone faces some form of a mental struggle at some point in their life but this ok, it's normal and it's about time that such taboos and labels are forgotten, life is hard, daily chores and tasks take over, worry comes in many ways from finances to health and right now in the world there is unease and uncertainty, so that alone is enough to give people stress and anxiety.

Mental health is an illness.

It may not be seen like a broken arm or disease but its there, its inside peoples' precious minds and is something they have to face day in and day out, so its time to ignore this, its time to stand together, help each other and please for goodness sake be kind, kindness is free and it can make the world of difference to someone else's day.

Just think that little hello you say to someone you walk past could be the first time they've had someone speak to them in weeks, that little smile you give someone next to you in the coffee shop, maybe the first time someone has acknowledged them in days or that quick phone call you give a friend to say 'How are you?' could mean the world, small gestures and some sprinkling of kindness can honestly go a long way.

These crazy and worrying times has lead people who had never suffered with stress or mental health to now be faced with such concerns.

The the world as we knew it is a slightly different version of itself old self, its created financial strain, job uncertainty, ill health, fear and loneliness.

So stress is among us all right now and we must do what we can do make ourselves feel better when your mentally strong, daily tasks and worries can be faced with strength and a clear head.

Honey Heaven is about top quality products and our love and admiration for CBD based products is no secret and we want to share with you what we do and how this amazing product can help stress & mental health, in the positive way everyone deserves.

CBD is an oil that comes from the well known cannabis plant

It is officially known as cannabidiol and CBD is known as a cannabinoid. It is found in the leaves & flowers of the cannabis plant, with two types being the marijuana plant or hemp plant, they are both of the same plant family, CBD is extracted and separated.

People have a misconception that if you use CBD you will feel high, better known as being stoned but that is in fact completely wrong, the high feeling people refer to with cannabis derives from another cannabinoid THC, THC is what gives the high and is used by people in the form of illegal drugs but CBD is legal and does not give a high and is 100% non-psychoactive, please never confuse the two and what CBD really is.

CBD can help stress in a very big way.

And this had also been proven in studies, these studies showed that CBD helped reduce social anxiety, anxiety disorders, stress and the symptoms of SAD, not only did it reduce the symptoms but also found it changes the brains initial reactions to said issues.

A similar study also found that it helps with social anxiety where a person had to speak in public or be in large groups, this is a very big problem among many and can really impact ones life, so such findings are truly amazing.

CBD also can help reduce the need for antidepressants but obviously, never swap medication for CBD without discussing with your doctor or health advisor, as you must always do what is best for you and what you need, we all have different needs after all but please consider CBD as a positive and research further to see if it could help you and benefit what you're going through.

Stress can ruin peoples life, it can affect everything and however you choose to combat it please make sure you find that remedy, you only get one life, this is no rehearsal, so find you're happy and if you decide CBD oil is for you or you would like to know more then please contact Honey Heaven today.

Make your life a happy one and remember to be kind.


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