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Cooking with honey recipes

on September 07, 2020

cooking with honey recipes


Ingredients for Smoothie:

  • 2 - frozen bananas
  • 1 1/4 cup - unsweetened chocolate almond milk
  • 3 T - honey
  • 2 T - peanut butter powder
  • 2 T - cocoa powder
  • 1 T - cocoa nibs

For Peanut Butter Honey Sauce:

  • 2 T - smooth peanut butter
  • 2 T - honey
  • 1 T - coconut oil, melted


  • 1 - banana, sliced
  • 1/2 cup - favourite granola
  • 1 T - roasted peanuts, chopped
  • drizzle of Peanut Butter Honey Sauce


Whisk the Peanut Butter Honey Sauce ingredients together in a small bowl until smooth.
Blend all the smoothie ingredients in the blender until smooth and divide between two bowls.
Top each smoothie with sliced bananas, granola and roasted peanuts, drizzle with the peanut butter honey sauce and serve. 


Cocoa nibs can be purchased in the natural food section of most grocery stores and are a
a great new ingredient to try if you've never had them!


Ingredients for Porridge:

  • 1 tsp. - curry powder
  • 4 T - honey
  • 1 - can of coconut milk
  • 1 T - water
  • 1/2 cup - milk of choice (almond, soy, etc.)
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 cup - rolled oats


  • 4 - dates, seeds removed, cut into small pieces
  • 3 tsp. - toasted coconut, shredded


In a small bowl, mix the curry powder and 2 T of the honey together and set aside.
In a medium saucepan, bring coconut milk, water, milk, remaining 2 T honey and salt to a gentle boil over medium-low heat.
Stir in oats. Simmer on low heat and stir occasionally for about 10 minutes. Oats
should be soft and porridge should look cohesive and silky.
Eating it hot: scoop into 6 bowls and evenly distribute on top the cut dates, toasted coconut and a drizzle of curried honey.  
Eating it cold: scoop into a heat-proof container and place into the fridge. If you
remove it from the fridge and its firm, add more oat milk, or milk of choice, and stir to loosen. Scoop into bowls and evenly distribute on top of the cut dates, toasted
coconut and a drizzle of curried honey.


You can make this recipe gluten-free by using gluten-free oats or using Oat Milk for your milk of choice.



  • 1 cup - oats (old-fashioned)
  • 2 cups - milk
  • 1 tsp. - honey, plus more for drizzling
  • 1 tsp. - vanilla
  • pinch - salt
  • figs (fresh or dried), sliced
  • pistachios, chopped, for garnish


Combine oats, milk, honey, vanilla and salt in a pot. Cook until oats are tender, stirring often. Transfer to large ramekins or another oven-safe bowl.
Drizzle with honey, creating a thin layer of honey to cover the top of oatmeal.
Place on a baking sheet - broil in the oven until honey is bubbling and beginning to brown - about 5 minutes.
Remove, let cool slightly, serve topped with figs, pistachios & a side of cream.


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