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Honey gift sets

on July 14, 2021

Honey Gift Sets

Honey gift sets

Premium high quality natural organic honey

Are you searching for the perfect gift that’s not only a special, but aids improved health and wellness to? If so, look no further than our honey gift sets!

Thanks to the honey bees, our Organic pure honey is nature’s gold and is the best honey you can include in your diet for enhanced nutritional value and health. It’s rich in antioxidants, has antibacterial properties and antifungal properties, and acts as a probiotic, helping feed the good bacteria in your digestive system to keep your gut healthy. And it’s also absolutely delicious!

Our Great Taste Award Winner Natural Organic Honey and Honey Wine are the real treats to anyone!

Our gift sets

Organic Honey Gift Set

Our natural organic honey gift set contains 3 jars, one of each of the following delicious hon-eys, beautifully and sustainably packaged in a Jute bag:

  • Natural Hungarian Acacia Honey: The Hungarian Acacia honey is world-wide known honey. The harmonic fragrance of acacia flowers and the soft, perfect aroma give this honey its unforgettable taste.
  • Natural organic Honeydew Honey: Honeydew or Forest honey is another well-known Hungarian delicacy. Its dark colour and stronger flavour make this honey as interesting as delicious.
  • Natural organic Lavender Honey: Our Great Taste Award Winner 2019 Lavender Honey is another addition in the gift set.

Gourmet Organic Honey Gift Set 2 x 400g

This Gourmet Organic honey gift set is the ideal gift for honey lovers, containing 2 Organic Creamed Honey Jars in a Jute bag. Honey Heaven's Organic creamed honey is crystallised honey that's spun until it's creamy, smooth, spreadable, and absolutely delicious.

Organic Creamed Honey Gift Set 3 x 400g

The ultimate honey selection for Organic honey lovers. If you think that our Organic Honey Gift Set with 2 jars wouldn't satisfy your beloved one's sweet tooth, then our Honey gift set with 3 x 400g creamed Organic honey in a jute gift bag will make the perfect present for their Birthday, Christmas - or any other special day!

Honey Wine Mead Gift Set Collection

3 glass bottles containing Honey wine made from 100% Pure, Organic Hungarian Raw Honey based on the traditional recipe. It is created by fermenting honey. Premium quality ingredi-ents guarantee our Honey-Wine unique taste!

Immune Booster Organic Honey Set: Turmeric, Black Seed, Bee pollen and Propolis

For the perfect get-well gift! Optimise your body natural immunity with Honey Heaven's Or-ganic immune booster trio of Turmeric Honey, Black seed Honey and Bee pollen and propo-lis in Honey. It naturally supports normal immune function, supports gut health and diges-tion -Reduces inflammation and protects against radicals and foreign toxins Organic.

Organic Immune Booster Set: Organic Bee pollen and Propolis honey, Honeycomb and Propolis extract

Honey Heaven's Immune booster set is a must for cold winter days. Perfect healthy gift to your loved ones! Honeycomb is extremely nutritious and packed with vitamins, bee pollen has been used for thousands for its medicinal properties and Propolis is well known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, antiviral and regenerating effect.

Make your own gift set

Why not fill your own Jute bag gift box with our jars of honey to send to a friend or loved ones? Choose any of our Honey Heaven Products to go into your jute bag. Here is a roundup for some of our most popular Honeys:

Sweetest Honey

From very sweet honeys that are almost floral in flavour, to the honeys that have woody notes, here are just two of our extensive range that we recommend for delicious sweetness.

Natural Hungarian Acacia Honey

Acacia honey is the sweetest honey variety because of its mild delicate floral taste, which is simply mouth-watering. The acacia honey is popular all over the world, and it’s no surprise our single origin Hungarian Acacia Honey received 2* at the 2018 Great Taste Award.

Organic Unprocessed Honeydew Honey

The honeydew honey is an aromatic, dark amber dessert honey. It is not a flower sourced type but is produced from the dew on the leaves of trees. This organic unprocessed honey is like nectar, is a sugary liquid that derives from the plant sap. Therefore, pollen content is insignificant.

Special Flavour Honey

If you’re looking try something a little different than your usual honey, try exploring the world of flavoured honeys. Our flavoured honeys are created by the bees only foraging from certain flowers.

Natural Organic Lavender Honey

Lavender honey is premium honey from Hungary and is very popular for its beautiful warmth and delicious flavour. This is a very light and pleasant herb flower honey. Organic lavender honey has a warm and soothing taste of creamy florals, with a sweet, mild and delicate lavender flavour. This will leave you with an unforgettable taste!

Organic Honey with Javanese Turmeric

Organic Honey with Javanese Turmeric is a convenient and tasty way to use this traditional ayurvedic remedy. Turmeric, a plant related to ginger is grown throughout India, other parts of Asia, and Central America. Natural remedies such as honey and turmeric are highly beneficial!

Choose natural honey today and experience a dramatic improvement in your health and wellness. All our products are 100% pure, natural and certified organic. View all our products, including Organic CBD Products here.


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