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UK CBD industry growth Forecast

on February 24, 2020

Consumer interest in cannabidiol (“CBD”) has risen rapidly and it is growing fast.

UK CBD industry growth Forecast

Here's why the current ‘hype’ around CBD is likely to endure.

CBD’s popularity in the UK has reached a level of market penetration across age groups and classes. It's not just a trendsetting millennials fad.

The curiosity of UK Consumers comes from their growing interest in the health and wellbeing potential of CBD.


This will make it a permanent feature of the wellness sector that is likely to expand in future.

The broad range of therapeutic properties of CBD, one of the major constituents of the Cannabis sativa plant, is one of the major factors for the increased interest.

Also, its favourable safety and tolerability profile play an important role.


Indeed, unlike THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), cannabidiol does not have an intoxicating or the psychotropic effect in humans.

Also, it has no addiction risk. In addition, CBD may prove beneficial for a range of conditions beyond certain rare forms of epilepsy.

The global number of studies into CBD keeps rising steadily and 1 in 10 are made in the UK.

A pure CBD treatment is a very common choice to treat:

  • sleep disorders
  • insomnia,
  • anxiety,
  • inflammation
  • pain.

CBD has now gone mainstream in the UK.

Surveys conducted by Dynata and YouGov indicate that between 8-11% of UK adults have tried CBD.

Consumers prioritise quality and purity over origin or legality.

This is why we pride ourselves to produce the highest quality full-spectrum CO2 extracted Swiss Hemp CBD products made with boosted pure CBD Distillate; which is the purest in CBD Industry!

This process defines our CBD products to stand out from the crowd and providing higher health benefits.

Over 70% of UK consumers are purchasing CBD oils and suggest a desire to use products at higher “therapeutic doses.

The majority of UK consumers of CBD products are purchasing them online, and not in High Street stores, despite their wide availability.


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