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We Are Great Taste Awards 2023 Winners!

on August 09, 2023

The Guild Of Fine Food's Great Taste Awards 2023 results are in, and we are so delighted to announce that three of our honey's have won!

Organic Natural Hungarian Acacia Honey - Great Taste Awards 2023 Two Stars

photo of jars of Organic Natural Hungarian Acacia Honey

Organic Unprocessed Honeydew Honey - Great Taste Awards 2023 Two Stars

Jars of Organic Unprocessed Honeydew Honey

Organic Honey with Bee Pollen and Propolis - Great Taste Awards 2023 One Star

Jar of Organic Honey with Bee Pollen and Propolis


The Great Taste stars are highly respected seals of approval. The Guild Of Fine Food's award process starts with a food test with a panel of over 500 experts, which include chefs, buyers, food writers and retailers.

Here is some note from the judges:


Organic Natural Hungarian Acacia Honey:

This honey illustrates beautiful elegance, executed with subtlety, in the realm of honey. Though the aroma is not pronounced, the sweetness, taste and mouthfeel are uniquely soft, floral, citrussy and vivid. Moreover, the colour reflects this delicacy; beautiful pale gold.

A surprising level of flavour and complexity for Acacia honey, really pleasing.

Organic Unprocessed Honeydew Honey:

A deep, dark honey with a rich, burnished molasses colour and smell. The texture was silky smooth with wonderful viscosity. The judges felt this product had many uses on ice cream, baking, or sticky baklava. No raw harshness and a great balance of flavours.

A beautifully rich-looking dark honey, verging on the look of molasses, with a consistency of a good set. There are lovely floral notes on the nose with slight citrus tones coming through on the palate. There is a natural sweetness and a touch of acidity, which takes the edge off the sweetness.

This honeydew honey has an attractive, deep, dark caramel colour and an appealing, rich maple syrup/treacle-like aroma. There is a pleasingly velvety syrup-like texture. We found plenty of dark sugar characteristics on the palate, with a touch of pine and smoke. This is a unique and intriguing honey with plenty of character.

Bee pollen and propolis honey:

A richly coloured thick yellow honey almost the colour of Dijon mustard. The texture is not entirely smooth, there is a graininess. The flavour is very complex and unusual. There is a taste of boiled peach-flavoured sweets, which we were not expecting!

An interesting, golden honey with citrus notes and a chewy texture that was full of intrigue. Some unique flavour profiles were present, a really enjoyable honey.
Thank you to the whole team at The Guild Of Fine Food's we are so overjoyed at receiving these awards.