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What is organic honey?

on August 01, 2020

what is organic honey?

When it comes to honey, you will probably have seen a wide variety of types in the shops and online.

You may think that set honey and clear honey are the two main types, but there are actually lots of different varieties of each of these.

One of the most common that you will find on the supermarket shelves and in the online stores is organic honey.

The name sounds impressive and potentially better than regular honey, but what is organic honey?

First, let's talk about regular honey, and the processes used to take it from the hive to your kitchen cupboard.

First, the bees obtain nectar by going to and from flowers and other pollinating plants. In the process, they pollinate said plants, which is why most people understand how vital bees are to our ecosystem.

Then, the honey is produced by the bees in the hive, and the resulting honey is extracted and then heated, filtered, or otherwise treated before it is bottled or put into jars, waiting to be picked up by you in the supermarket.

These latter stages do not influence whether or not the honey you buy is labelled as organic, but instead, it is the first step that matters – the flowers. In order to be truly organic honey, the bees must not have visited any flowers that have been treated with any kinds of chemicals.

These could be fertilizers or pesticides, and they are often used to control how the flowers grow.

So as with other organic food items, it is the very first stages in the production that give it that organic label.

In this case, it is down to the flowers that the bees land on when they are pollinating, and it is nothing to do with what happens to the honey once it is taken out of the hive.

In order for the suppliers of the honey to be sure that it is organic, the beehives usually need to be placed several miles away from the nearest pollutants and possible areas of chemical contamination.


Nonetheless, organic honey is some of the best honey that you will find on the market.

On our website, you will find a vast selection of organic honey, that you can be sure is made only by bees that visit nothing but pure, unadulterated flowers.

Some of the items that you will find include honey such as our lavender honey, which comes from Hungary.

Or you could try our honey and ginger, which is perfect with some hot water and lemon.

We have several other varieties of organic, pure honey, some of which include Acacia, cinnamon and winter spice.

We truly do stock organic honey for every single occasion, and you can be sure to enjoy it knowing that it is made with only the pollen from the purest flowers around.


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