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Halloumi and Honey Parcels

on June 27, 2024

Picky bits weather is here, and we have the most wonderful recipe for you: our Halloumi and Honey Parcels. This recipe perfectly balances savoury and sweet, is super quick and easy to make, and is perfect for all occasions. 


What you need ...

1 Sheet of pre-rolled puff pastry
125g Halloumi cheese
1 teaspoon of wholegrain mustard
1 Egg




1. Pre-heat your oven to 160`

2. Unroll your pre-rolled puff pastry sheet and cut your required shape for you parcel. Remember you need two pieces per parcel

3. Slice the Halloumi cheese,

4. In a small bowl, mix 1 teaspoon of wholegrain mustard and 1 Tablespoon of Honey Heaven Organic Soft Set Honey

5. Take one puff pastry shape, place it flat on a clean work surface, and add a cut piece of  Halloumi cheese and a teaspoon of your mustard and honey mix.

6. Place the top piece of puff pastry on and pinch the side. Whisk the egg together and brush the top of the parcel with the egg.  

7. Once you have completed all the parcels, place onto baking paper on an oven tray, and into oven for 17-20 mins

8. Remove from oven when finished and enjoy hot or cold. 


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