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                Why not send a jute gift bag to a friend or loved ones? Choose any of our Honey Heaven Products to go into your jute bag. Our Great Taste Award Winner Natural Organic Honey and Honey Wine are the real treats to anyone! 

                Gift Sets (22)

                CBD Sleep Pack: Goodnight Pack 500mg CBD Massage Oil and Good Night CBD Tea

                £35.00 GBP£40.00 GBP

                Sweet Dreams Set contains Night Time Herbal Tea & Organic Lavender Honey

                £12.00 GBP£15.00 GBP

                Wellbeing Pack CBD: Immunity Spay & Energize CBD Tea

                £40.00 GBP£45.00 GBP

                Fitness Pack CBD Detox & Slim spray and Detox CBD tea

                £40.00 GBP£45.00 GBP

                Kids Immune Support Set: Organic Honey with Bee Pollen and Propolis, Kid's Fruity Immunity Support Tea and Propolis Throat Spray for Kids.

                £25.00 GBP£30.00 GBP

                Christmas in a gift bag: Spiced Magic Tea Organic and Winter Cinnamon Spiced Honey

                £17.00 GBP£22.00 GBP

                Best Selling Ultimate Tea Collection: Organic Refresh Tea, Kid's Fruity Immunity Support Tea, Organic Night-time Tea, Oolong Detox Tea Blend with Gingko, Ginger & Cinnamon and Zesty Morning Time Tea.

                £20.00 GBP£40.00 GBP

                Well-being Immunity Boost Tea For Morning Time: Organic Honey and Ginger, Organic Propolis Extract High Potency and Zesty Morning Time Tea..

                £25.00 GBP£30.00 GBP

                Kids Essentials: Organic Kids’ Sleeping Tea, Propolis Throat Spray for Kids and Kids’ Fruity Immunity Boosting Tea.

                £22.00 GBP£30.00 GBP
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