CBD Oil 1000mg THC Free
CBD Oil 1000mg THC Free
CBD Oil 1000mg THC Free
CBD Oil 1000mg THC Free
CBD Oil 1000mg THC Free
CBD Oil 1000mg THC Free
CBD Oil 1000mg THC Free
CBD Oil 1000mg THC Free
CBD Oil 1000mg THC Free (10%) - Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price!
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CBD Oil 1000mg THC Free (10%) - Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price!

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Even though our full spectrum CBD products are non-psychoactive, with low THC under 0.2%, some people prefer a THC FREE product. This is why we have created our THC free CBD oil.

Our Premium quality broad spectrum 1000mg CBD oil free of THC still has all the benefits of our full spectrum CBD oils, but is completely free of THC by using distillation methods. We utilise high-quality THC-free CBD distillate to ensure that the final product is free from any traces of THC but still contains all the beneficial cannabidiols and CBD.

This is for the benefit of the customers who cannot use full spectrum oil as part of their employment contract due to possible drug testing because THC CBD products may contain trace amounts. It is also suitable for people who could have a reaction to THC or just do not feel comfortable with THC. This product is still completely high quality, just without THC. Our CBD Oil THC Free is available in four strengths all in 10ml bottles:

  1. THC FREE CBD EXTRACT 1000mg: CBD Oil 1000mg
  2. THC Free THC FREE CBD EXTRACT 2000mg: CBD Oil THC Free 2000mg
  3. THC FREECBD EXTRACT 3000mg: THC Free CBD Oil 3000mg
  4. THC FREE CBD EXTRACT 4000mg: CBD THC Free Oil 4000mg

How to use CBD Oil 1000mg THC Free

To use CBD Oil 1000mg THC Free, you will not require any preparations for use or carrier oil. We advise that you start with a low strength CBD oil and gradually increase to high strength CBD oil if necessary. All our CBD products are manufactured under the highest conditions possible for those that are not prescribed CBD. We can claim to have the best THC FREE CBD oil on the market, and the most effective.

Simply place 1-2 drops under your tongue twice a day, for fast absorption of the organic CBD oil through the blood-rich membranes. Keep the oil in your mouth under the tongue for 1 minute for full up take, followed by a drink of water to help with the taste.

Why choose Honey Heaven CBD oil?

When choosing a CBD oil, it is important to find a product that uses CBD Distillate. This ensures products are high quality and contain a full range of cannabinoids that bring many benefits. Unfortunately, many companies make oils from Isolate which is a white powder and not as high quality. It only contains CBD with no other beneficial cannabinoids. Also, it is a cheaper production method, which is why big companies like to use it.

Also, our quality control program is strict, detailed and lab tested. In fact, we have third party Laboratory Certificates for every batch of products. We prioritise the highest standards of purity and potency possible to deliver only the best quality Broad Spectrum Virgin Hemp Extracts. Our CBD and phytonutrient content are confirmed and certified by independent laboratory tests.

Our broad spectrum CBD oils contain a combination of terpenes, CBD and other cannabinoids creating a synergistic effect scientists call "entourage effect" that amplifies the therapeutic benefits of each component of the hemp plant/cannabis plant, Cannabis Sativa. This means you get the full effects of CBD oil as it is intended. We only sell pure CBD oil. Plus, our bottles contain the correct amount of CBD oil and we DO NOT dilute the oil like so many other companies.

We always suggest that customers carry out their own research, but here are some useful links where you can read more about CBD:

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  • Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding
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Due to UK Regulation, we recommend that you do your own research on CBD products. View Honey Heaven’s full range of CBD products here:



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