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Organic Acacia Honey

    Organic Natural Hungarian Acacia Mini Honey 40g

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    The 40g mini honey allows you to sample a taste our honey. Organic Natural Hungarian Acacia Honey is one of our favourites. Its harmonic fragrance of acacia flowers gives it the perfect aroma. This mild and floral honey is the best companion for breakfasts, cooking, and drinks. It's very popular with adults and children and is the secret ingredient in the perfect flapjack. It's also award-winning.

    Product Description

    Organic Natural Hungarian Acacia Honey 40g

    These sample size products allow you to test the water before committing to bigger packs or to gift someone you love. Perfect stocking filler! 

    Feel at harmony with nature with this Hungarian Acacia Honey. Acacia honey is popular all over the world.

    Its uniqueness lies in the bright colour, the harmonic fragrance of acacia flowers and the soft, perfect aroma. Because of the high natural fructose content, the acacia raw honey crystallizes very slowly. The mild flavour, with its subtle vanilla notes, makes it a popular sweetener used in drinks and desserts. This single flower honey is produced in a sustainable manner.

    Because of the poor pollen content, it is suitable for sensitive people as well. Acacia honey is the sweetest honey variety because of its mild delicate floral taste, which is simply mouth-watering.

    The Hungarian Acacia Honey boasts of natural goodness, whilst tasting sweet and delicate. Our family-run business prides itself in being able to sell such special, beautiful honey.

    What makes the Hungarian acacia honey special?

    The Pannonian Basin has a unique climate and acacia forests expand to large areas, and within which nothing else is blooming at the same time. This makes the Hungarian Acacia Honey totally pure and clear.

    Ingredients: 100% Acacia Honey

    The fermented natural organic Hungarian Acacia Honey is the base ingredient to create the delicious  Acacia Honey Mead.

    Have you ever tried Walnuts with Honey?

    One of the best ways to serve this Hungarian Acacia Honey is to drizzle over fresh toast or bread in the morning for tasty start to the day. Acacia honey is also a wise choice to use in baking too.

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