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Organic Amor Honey
Organic Amor
Organic Amor Honey
Organic Amor Honey
Organic Amor Honey

    Organic Amor Honey

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    Honey Heaven's Organic Amor Honey is a warm and delicate honey, a blend of floral notes, hints of caramel, and a touch of citrus. Whether drizzled over warm toast, stirred into a comforting cup of tea, or used as an ingredient in your culinary creations, our Amor honey elevates every dish with its taste and texture.

    Product Description

    100% Pure Single Flower Natural Hungarian Amorpha Honey

    A rare type of honey derived from the nectar of the amorpha fruticosa shrub, otherwise called the false indigo bush, grown on the Hungarian Pannonian Basin.

    Organic Amorpha Honey (250g) £7.00 (500g) £12.00

    Our Organic Amorpha Honey, like our Acacia Honey, is a mono-floral honey derived from the nectar of just one plant, in this case, the False Indigo Bush, or Amorpha Fruticosa which is the same family as the Acacia.

    The luscious light brown honey produced has an aroma of medium intensity and a pleasant, delicate flavour.

    What makes Hungarian Amorpha Honey special?

    It’s because of where the bees find the nectar to make it. The Amorpha Fruticosa shrub originated in the USA where it is also known as the River Forest, River Locust or False Indigo bush as the flowers were once used by Native Americans and early European settlers as a dye before true indigo became available.

    False indigo now grows extensively in the Hungarian Pannonian Basin attracting all kinds of pollinating insects including butterflies and bees to its long, tall blue, or deep purple flowers, with the orange anthers.

    The Basin covers an area of around 80,000 square miles across Central Europe, including Hungary and is completely enclosed by mountain ranges - by the Alps in the west, the Dinarics in the south, while the Carpathians encircle the north and east.

    As a result, it has its own unique climate with complex weather systems caused by the interaction of wet winds from the west, drier winds from the south and cooler winds from the Carpathians and Alps, which sometimes results in severe storms.

    The Amorpha Fruticosa shrub is hardy and spreads easily in these conditions. It flowers in the summer offering a thick blanket of flowers that are a rich source of nectar for the bees and makes for fabulously delicious honey.

    We work with small artisan beekeepers in the area, who only use traditional, sustainable methods to collect the honey in which care is taken to not direct the smoke at the hive for too long as it taints the taste of the honey.

    What are the properties of Hungarian Organic Amorpha Honey?

    The slightly darker colour of the honey compared to others in our range indicates the richness of the mineral ingredients in the Organic Amor Honey.

    As a result, we recommend False Indigo Honey when the body is exhausted at the end of the day for an energy boost.

    What’s the best way to eat Hungarian Organic Amor Honey?

    Our Organic Indigo Honey is made from the highest quality ingredients and this is truly evident when you taste it. Simply drizzle over fresh toast or bread for a great tasting wholesome start to the day.

    Because this honey stays as a liquid and rarely crystallises and because of its mild flavour, Hungarian Amor honey is perfect as a natural sweetener for use in drinks and desserts - add a spoonful to yoghurts, fruit infusions, baking or batters for delicately sweetened results.

    Honey and nuts make an amazing combination too so add nuts and indigo honey to cereals, porridge and even salads for a fantastic textural experience and taste.

    There is one unique use we have made for our Hungarian Amor Honey; it is the base ingredient in our delicious award-winning Amor Honey Mead Wine. Literally liquid honey and delicious!

    We always suggest that customers carry out their own research, but here are some useful links where you can read more about honey:


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