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Organic Honey and Ginger-Honey Heaven
honey and ginger
Organic Honey and Ginger-Honey Heaven
Organic Honey and Ginger-Honey Heaven
Organic Honey and Ginger-Honey Heaven
Organic Honey and Ginger-Honey Heaven

    Organic Honey and Ginger

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    Honey Heaven's Organic Honey with Ginger is a delightful fusion. Ginger is celebrated for its anti-inflammatory properties, aiding digestion, alleviating nausea, and boosting immunity. Meanwhile, honey is a natural antioxidant, boasting antibacterial properties and providing a natural energy boost. This product offers a harmonious blend of spicy warmth and soothing sweetness. Whether enjoyed on its own or added to teas, smoothies, or culinary creations, our Ginger with Honey adds a delightful twist to any dish or beverage.

    Product Description

    Organic Honey and Ginger

    Our Organic Honey and Ginger is 100% Organic from Hungary, mixed using mildly strong ginger. This natural premium creamed honey is best in hot water with a dash of lemon to enjoy this natural product as created perfectly by mother nature.

    Our combination of Organic Honey and Ginger is also ideal for any type of cooking and baking. It is delicious on a simple slice of toast, cookies, cake or ice cream.

    Here are a few extra gourmet combinations to try out with our Organic Honey and Ginger:

    • salmon, in foil
    • soy and chicken, stir fry or in drumsticks
    • lime and pork
    • carrot, in a soup

    Ingredients: Organic raw wildflower Honey 95%  Ginger 5%

    Size: 300g

    Origin: Product of Hungary


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    I never leave reviews but felt I had to on this occasion firstly the Honey tastes absolutely amazing not to mention the health benefits so much so just ordered more even though I didn't need it yet just have to try other flavours, secondly I have never experienced such great customer service, soo friendly and answered all my questions ( even though it was in the evening ) just amazing, if you haven't tried this honey you don't know what you are missing .

    I am please to hear you love the taste and health benefits of our Organic Ginger Honey and willing to try other flavours too. We care about health and wellbeing of everyone. Also please you are satisfied with our customer service. Thank you for the review and looking forward to your orders :)

    OMG love this!!

    Love the ginger flavour, it is my fave. I love it in a cup of tea on a cold day or when I'm not feeling well and need what taste like home comfort. It is also the smoothest of the honeys I feel, less. sediment in my tea. Also love Honey Heaven's costumer service - Silvia went the extra mile to make sure I got my delivery even in the very busy festive period. Thank you!

    Thank you LizB for such a wonderful review of our product. I am glad you are enjoying the health benefits also happy with our customer service.